Got Twitter account?

Use favorites?

Ever look at your favorites list and think, "if only I could organise this somehow"?

This online app is for you!

Well it's still in beta so I'm still puzzling that out but once you've imported your favorites, you can...

View them, most recent first

List of tweets

You can tag them, delete them (this unfavorites them from Twitter too), retweet them and link to them on too.

View tweets from a specific account

List of tweets from a specific account

All the same features as before but one account at a time.

Make up your own tags and view by those

List of tweets tagged screenshot

Or let the autotag feature take the strain - it will make tags for you based on hashtags it finds in the tweets. Switched off by default as it can be a bit overwhelming if you have a large number of faved tweets.

Export your favorites in a choice of popular formats

Export panel


It's pretty basic but you can also search your stored tweets if there's something specific you're trying to find. I'm not going to waste your bandwidth showing you a picture of a search box.

To allow you to manage, delete and retweet your favorites. There might even be a reply function one day. Favtagger will never post anything to your account without your consent though, that would be rude.

Yeah, sure - no hard feelings. If you delete your account any data held about you on Favtagger's servers will be wiped (no undo, so make sure you mean it!) and instructions are provided so you can revoke the app's access privileges to your Twitter account.